THE BLACK MAMBA II® - Black Diamond Stud 925 Sterling Silver Earrings for Men Bling Proud
THE BLACK MAMBA II® - Black Diamond Stud 925 Sterling Silver Earrings for Men Bling Proud
THE BLACK MAMBA II® - Black Diamond Stud 925 Sterling Silver Earrings for Men Bling Proud
THE BLACK MAMBA II® - Black Diamond Stud 925 Sterling Silver Earrings for Men Bling Proud

THE BLACK MAMBA II® - Black Diamond Stud 925 Sterling Silver Earrings for Men

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Bling Proud's silver black stud earrings are made of 925 pure sterling silver nickel-free, high polished with 5 times 14k gold/white gold plating. All our earrings are low hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin, you will love our 925 Sterling Silver Black Stud Earrings. Matched with any apparel for any different occasions, these black stud earrings are so classic and fashionable, which men&women of all ages can enjoy wearing them every day.

  • 925 sterling silver with 5 times gold plating
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Best quality in the market
  • Won’t turn skin green 
  • No color fading for 3-5 years


Material 925 sterling silver
Finish 5 times plating for an everlasting shine
Color White Gold with Black Stone
Stone Type Cubic Zirconia with 5A quality
Weight 3.5g
Package Content A pair of earrings, a gift box, a warranty card

Is the jewelry real?

The base material is real 925 sterling silver, stainless steel or brass (matrerial choose depends on chains' type) with real 14k/18k gold or white gold plating. Our products are 5 times PVD coated in gold, which is the highest quality of plating method available nowadays.

Is your gold plating just like any other company?

No, our jewelry is plated with 5 layers of real 14K/18K gold or white gold. The gold must be at least 3 microns thick. This is much thicker than electroplating or typical gold dipped jewelry and will outlast typical gold plated items. The process we use is the highest quality plating available. This process allows our gold plated jewelry to last longer than any typical gold plating you may be used to. 

Can I take a shower when wearing your jewelry?

Yes, you can, but it recommended to keep it dry, even sterling silver gets tarnished when gets wet.

What kind of stones are they?

We use 5A CZ stones, totally clean and transparent, an excellent alternative to VS diamond as it is more scratch-resistant for everyday wear.
We also offer higher quality diamonds like VS/VSS diamond for custom jewelry. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact our customer service.

Will it fade and turn my skin green?

Our jewelry is plated 5 times of real gold. It should not fade if you take care of it. Dry it if it gets wet. Stainless steel jewelry will always shine as it is. Contact us if you do encounter any problems.

Urbanity • Diversity • Authenticity
Iconic Design Meets Advanced Materials
Premium Quality

We give top priority to the quality and value. Hand-picked AAAAA+ CZ Stone, real 14K or 18K gold plus 5 times PVD plating, sterling silver or stainless steel as the base material. No harmness for your skins. No fading in 3-5 years. We make craftsmanship quality the most important element to all of our work.

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We bridge the gap between urban style and luxury. Say goodbye to traditional luxury jewelry 10x markups. We design urban jewelry that people can wear every single day. We've built strong and long term relationships with the world’s top jewelers to sell jewelry directly to our customers.

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Safety, from safe oneline store. Trusted by over 10,000 happy customers. We provide 24/7 customer care service. 30 days free return and lifetime guarantee for all of our products.

Bling Proud's DNA


Our designers are drawn to the urban street visual appeal and our products are inspired by the urban people and cities where we live in. Essential street-style, high quality urban jewelry that are designed especially for urban lifestyle people.


We partner with our customers, artists all over the world who are various from races, genders, and beliefs. We admire for their modern sensibilities to bring new ideas to the market. We listen to their words and give design power back to them and in turn bring better value to our consumers. We are creating a movement for all people and cultures. We’re inclusive for everyone but exclusive for those who understand our mission.


We wear jewelry to tell the world who we are. We create what we stand for, and bring life to real authentic ideas and values through our high impact collections. We speak our mind through our collections and take a stand where it matters on topics that are relevant and meaningful. Our products influenced so many people who are true to themselves and become what they want to be.