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The Brand


Bling Proud

Inspired by the west coast hip-hop culture, Bling Proud was born in Los Angeles 2020. As the rising urban mid luxury jewelry brand, our mission is "To inspire and bring the inner unique and best parts of ourselves through creative minds and beautiful design". In that, we make the dopest design, source superior raw material and adopt cutting-edge technology to make out perfect jewelry. Every clear stone on our jewelry is selected, cut and polished by our exquisite craftsmen. Every piece of our legendary jewelry is made by our passion and efforts

"Bring My Best Self" 

It's our loud declaration. We believe wearing our jewelry can bring eveyone's confidence and pride. With Bling Proud, we bring our best self to life, to tell the world who we are! Our vision is to inspire self-discovery and boost confidence through our beautiful, creative, and exciting products. We strive to lead the personal accessories industry, continuously expanding to meet customers' evolving beauty and self-expression needs..

Bling Proud's D.N.A. 


We partner with our customers, artists all over the world who are various from races, genders, and beliefs. We admire for their modern sensibilities to bring new ideas to the market. We listen to their words and give design power back to them and in turn bring better value to our consumers. We are creating a movement for all people and cultures. We’re inclusive for everyone but exclusive for those who understand our mission.

Our designers are captivated by the visual allure of urban street culture, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of urban communities and the cities we call home. We craft original, creative, and fashionable urban jewelry tailored specifically for individuals immersed in the urban lifestyle, enabling them to express their unique identity and make a bold statement.


We wear jewelry to tell the world who we are. We create what we stand for, and bring life to real authentic ideas and values through our high impact collections. We speak our mind through our collections and take a stand where it matters on topics that are relevant and meaningful. Our products influenced so many people who are true to themselves and become what they want to be.