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Article: Confused? Here are 5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Pair of Hoop Earrings for Men

Confused? Here are 5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Pair of Hoop Earrings for Men

Confused? Here are 5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Pair of Hoop Earrings for Men

Hoop earrings are a must-have today and your favorite celebs are rocking this elegant piece of jewelry too. They are classic pieces of jewelry that will not go out of style anytime soon. A pair of hoops are the perfect accessory for men that can alleviate any kind of outfit and give you a chic and effortless look. With so many options to choose from at Bling Proud, you can end up wondering how to find the perfect pair of hoop earrings for you. Here are 5 ways to choose a perfect pair of hoop earrings for you:


  1. Consider the size


The size of the pair of hoops will greatly impact your overall look. If it's a smaller hoop, it will give you a clean, formal look whereas a bigger hoop will help you look iced out. Noramlly, the small size hoops for men's diameter is12mm, big size is 15mm. Hoops can also match various clothing, accessories, and hairstyles. They also plays a huge role in the aesthetics you are trying to achieve and how long you want to wear them. Small hoops that hug your ears are an excellent option to wear every day. They are subtle and elegant while big hoops can be extremely eye-catching. Once you've determined the size of hoops you want, it's time to think about finer details.


  1. Choose the best style for you


Hoops are available in various styles and different hoops pair well with different looks. Slim hoops that are embellished can go with casual looks whereas a bigger hoop with a detailed design can be perfect for a statement look. Hoops that have a more glamorous aesthetic can help you create an eye-catching, dressy look that is perfect for when you want to look cool and iced out. The size and the style of the hoop can help you build your style. A small hoop can be perfect for every day but a more blinged-out hoop is perfect for parties or any other events.


  1. Think about the metal you want


Do you gravitate towards wearing warm hues such as yellow gold or do you like cooler tones such as sterling silver and white gold? If you already know the answer to this, we recommend you settle on a metal that compliments your tone. Whites go well with cool skin undertones and yellow can go well with warmer tones. You can choose the metal-based on your skin's undertone to enhance how flattering it will look on you, or simply choose a metal you don't already own to expand your collection of accessories. No matter what the case is, you'll find both color options at Bling Proud.


  1. Consider the occasion (if any) you want it for


Are you buying a hoop earring for a particular event or is it just something you want to wear every day? If you want to enhance your overall look and achieve a more cool and effortless style, opt for a pair of understated hoops. On the other hand, if you want to make a statement and be the center of attention, choose hoops that feature a lot more design, add luxury to your look, and are embellished. The best part about these earrings is that they go well with both casual as well as formal wear so you can rock them however you want to.


  1. Choose a pair of hoops that you prefer


When you browse the huge collection we offer at Bling Proud, you'll be taken aback by the statement pieces that we offer. Out dripped collections will give you a fresh look because of their shine. Matched with any apparel for any different occasion, these hoop earrings are so classic and fashionable. These are must-have accessories that men and women of all ages can enjoy wearing every day. Whether you are looking for something look or something full of diamonds, you're bound to find what you love with us. Browse our collection and see which style you like the best!

No matter what you choose, our hoops are suitable for daily wear and are safe for all skin types. They are plated 5 times with real gold which makes them shine like brand new for a very long time. You won't worry about them turning green or causing any damage to your skin even if you wear them all day and night!

Shop for the perfect pair of hoop earrings at Bling Proud

Now that you know what to think about before choosing hoop earrings, place an order with us at Bling Proud! On the other hand, instead of choosing just a few, you can choose them all to match your wardrobe and accentuate your style. Hoop earrings are a hot accessory that is here to stay. Whether it's a gift or you are splurging for yourself, take your pick from our collection of affordable and stylish jewelry. Our collection features iced-out hoops, watches, chains, pendants, bracelets, Grillz, and so much more.