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BP Global Fashion Limited

A Hong Kong based global fashion company, specialize in designing products of the latest trends in urban and street fashions. We are urban fashion trend leader. We've been enjoyed a good reputation worldwide for a long time. 

Bling Proud

As company's urban jewelry brand, our mission is to let every urban lifestyle people around the world could afford high quality and stylish jewelry at a cool price. In that, we make the dopest design, source superior raw material and adopt cutting-edge technology to make out perfect jewelry. Every clear stone on our jewelry is selected, cut and polished by our exquisite craftsmen. Every piece of our legendary jewelry is made by our passion and efforts. 

"Be Shining Be Proud" 

It's our loud declaration. We believe wearing urban jewelry is the dopest street style whether in the past, nowadays or future. Since the day of urban culture began, we dress the urban way, wear the urban way, express the urban way. We have been delivering the urban state of mind for decades.

We wish everyone could enjoy an excellent shopping experience on our oneline store.

Any suggestion and advise, feel free to contact us at blingproud@gmail.com

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