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    Bling Proud Moissanite Cuban Link Chains and Moissanite Tennis Chains are premium made with 925 sterling silver and hand selected vvs1 moissanite diamonds . We understand the importance of providing high-quality jewelry that is accessible to all. Our moissanite diamond chains are crafted with careful attention to detail and durable materials, ensuring longevity and complete satisfaction. By offering stylish jewelry at affordable prices, we make it easier for everyone to indulge in self-expression and embrace the latest trends without burdening your budget.

    Moissanites FAQs

    Moissanite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral also known as silicon carbide, which was first discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan, at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. This intriguing new stone was named “moissanite” in his honor.

    The most effective way to tell moissanite apart from a diamond is to use a loupe to look through the top, or the crown, of the jewel at an angle. You will see two slightly blurred lines that indicates a double refraction, an inherent quality of moissanite. Double refraction is easier to see in some shapes than others.

    Moissanite will not lose its sparkle as time passes. The clarity and color of the stone won’t change through the years. Dirt and grime are the only common elements that may inhibit a ring’s sparkle until it is cleaned. Damaging the surface of moissanite can inhibit sparkle, as it would for any gemstone.

    Moissanite is the only gemstone that passes as a diamond on a handheld point test. If you want a stone that resembles a diamond without a high price, moissanite is a great option.